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  • At 176 cm tall, the Gacoli No. 5 Bistro lamp is one of the tallest, most unique and robust outdoor lamps in our collection. The model has a stainless steel foot and stand, so you can place it anywhere you wish. The lamp foot has been weighted, so you can rest assured it will never keel over.

  • Gacoli has found a way to create the inner atmosphere of living abroad! Simply use our wireless outdoor lamps anywhere in your garden. They are resistant to wind and water.

  • Plus, the lampshades for the No. 1 through 5 lamps are the same size, meaning you can combine them any way you wish. We will have a several new lines and models as of next year, so we'll be able to offer you even more choice!

  • Gacoli Outdoor Lights give you the freedom to shine light anywhere you like in your garden, plus they're easy to move because they're entirely cable and wire-free!

  • The Gacoli No. 4 Lounge is probably our collection's most exceptional lamp. This model has a stainless steel foot and stand, so you can place it anywhere you wish. This 163 cm lamp is ideal for use with such things as lounge sets, loungers, or perhaps even between two chairs.

  • Solid, wire and cord-free path lighting that optimally lights your garden path or driveway. That's why you pay Gacoli a visit. Take a path lighting model from our collection - the Catwalk No. 3. The Catwalk No. 3 is a standing lamp that's 75 cm high and 10x10 cm wide.

  • The GACOLI CHECKMATE is one of the most typical lamps from GACOLI. This unique model is small in size but big in looks. The stainless steel stand and the white cover are a perfect combination between style and sustainablility.

  • Gacoli’s Monroe No. 3 outdoor table lamp uses nothing but solar energy, and so doesn't require electricity. This makes it entirely cord and wire-free. No cords or wires means this Monroe model is easy to move around, which is, of course, highly practical.

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Gacoli presents

The Gacoli lamps can remain outdoors all year. All Gacoli are 100% powered by solar energy and thus, wireless; require no installation and help to save energy costs. They are also easy to locate and move.


Gacoli has developed an EMU (Energy Management Unit - Power Management Unit) individually for each model. All models are equipped with high quality solar panels, an intelligent battery and long life LED lamps. Some models even come with a handy remote control system that includes a dimmer or a light sensor that lights the lamp automatically when arriving the evening; allowing you to fully enjoy your time abroad.